Follow The White Light

Follow The White Light was made in 12h during the Global Game Jam 2011 @ Paris.
We had to build our game around the themes of "extinction".
Download (v1.1) - Mac (13Mb) - Windows (12 Mb)
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- Har0ld ( - Sound Designer
- Christophe (Frogames - Twitter) - Artist
- Mathieu (Frogames - Twitter) - Developer

Special Thanks

- Global Game Jam
- Olivier LeJade
- ISART Digital
- Unity 3D

How to play

Use keyboard arrow keys to control your character, space to shoot.

1/ Follow the light 2/ Escape the Evil Skeletons!

More information

Follow the light and escape the Evil Skeletons!
Defend yourself with a fancy unique pistol!
Upgrade your inventory!
Defeat the Boss!
Relight the world!
Jizz in your pants!

Cheat code : press a certain key to activate invincibility (you'll see a confirmation message down left of the screen). Find the key if you want to go to the boss and see the end of the game (it takes 2 minutes, not more)